Wielding Wicked Washer Hoses

Wielding Wicked Washer Hoses

There’s a truism about water: if there’s a way out, water will find it! And if there’s a way for a penny-pinching homeowner to avoid calling a plumber, they’ll find it, too – usually with sad results.

Something that SEEMS as simple as changing out the hoses on a washing machine can get a homeowner in over his head before long. How often does it go wrong? Well, it’s the number one insurance claim we receive. (What’s number two? A broken icemaker!)

A burst hose while you’re at home could mean wrestling with a spraying hose until you can get the water shut off. A burst hose when you’re NOT at home means major flooding and extensive damage. The hose on a washing machine should be replaced about every five years. Most people don’t replace these hoses until it’s already too late, and they have to call us out for a flooded laundry room. But you should call a professional to get the job done. It’s a simple misconception that it’s an easy task.

You want easy? Step One: Do the math as to when you moved in, bought that washer, or replaced the hose last. Step Two: pick up the phone and call James RowePlumbing.

We run frequent specials on changing out the hoses to your washer. And it’s an easier job than cleaning up after the hose is broken!