The White Glove Test Even When OTHERS Leave The Mess

We often say that James Rowe Plumbers are the “White Glove” plumbers, which might evoke the image of Jeeves the butler, maybe with a wrench on his tray and his nose in the air.

But honestly, what “White Glove Plumbers” means at James Rowe Plumbing is that our team picks up after themselves, cleans up, and does a neat job while at your home to keep it tidy. And that’s not just talk. We’ve not only cleaned up after ourselves, we’ve even cleaned up after other plumbers!

We once had a customer that called us out to give an estimate for replacing her water service. She ended up going with another company who replaced the water service, but failed to fill her ditch back in. Instead, they left the old pipe in her yard. She called us back up and told us about this, wondering if we could help her. When we looked her up in our system we realized that, while we gave her an estimate, we were not the company that completed the repair. She was aware of this, but still wanted our help. Even though we did not make this repair or leave this mess, we sent a White Glove Plumber out to fill in her ditch and properly remove the pipe that was replaced.

Our philosophy is that we want to leave a customer’s home clean…even cleaner than we found it – even if the mess was left by another company.