The Plumber’s Paradise

It’s a little early to get “cabin fever.” You know, that feeling of being cooped up indoors? But having suffered with a long, cold, drizzly, icy Thanksgiving weekend, and facing an El Nino forecast for a wet winter, cabin fever arrived early and it looks as though we’ll be putting up with it a lot until Spring arrives!

While the winters here in Arlington are milder than those in the northern states, we still get the same yearning for that beach getaway. I have been thinking recently how fun it would be if time or money were no object and we were able to take the entire James Rowe staff on a beach vacation. I think the perfect destination for our team would be Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Republic.

Have you seen this paradise? James and I have had the pleasure – and we would love to share that experience with our staff. Not only would we get to enjoy the beautiful beaches under the warm sun, there are also plenty of golf activities for our guys who enjoy the sport.

This is really the best of both worlds if you think about it; a vacation that allows you to lay back and relax, and have some fun activities mixed in as well. A getaway like this would also allow us to get to know each other better, and would be a great team bonding experience.

Maybe in 2016, we can close the office one week and – oops, there’s the phone.

Okay, daydream over…back to work.