Roll Out The Red Carpet

When was the last time you were given the “red carpet” treatment? Can’t remember? And yet, the phrase “red carpet” customer service is thrown about as if it were an every day experience. Perhaps it is – in Hollywood. However, the rest of us have gotten used to mediocre service at best.

Ever wonder where that statement “red carpet treatment” came from? From what I could find, in the early 1600’s the Emperor of India paid a visit to his brother­in­law on New Year’s Day. To celebrate the event, his brother­in­law carpeted the road between his home and the palace with brocades and rich velvets, so that the royal entourage would not have to touch the ground. So today, we say “roll out the red carpet” ­ indicating that we are giving an important person a special welcome.

At James Rowe Plumbing, we roll out the red carpet for all of our customers by giving outstanding customer service in a timely manner. And we are not satisfied with our level of customer service until our customer is 100% satisfied. If it has been some time since you experienced “red carpet treatment” when having home service work done, then call James Rowe Plumbing, the White Glove Plumbers with the Red Carpet Treatment!