Pulling An All-Nighter By the Pool (It’s Not as Glamorous As It Sounds)

We love our techs here at James Rowe Plumbing for many reasons. They prove their love and dedication for their jobs everyday while out at our customers’ homes, and often go above and beyond the call of duty. That includes getting a little more wet than usual sometimes. Texas has seen a lot of rain these last few weeks, and Arlington was no exception. We had some homeowners who had just moved into their new home and called us with a pump station issue that they were having in their backyard. This was out on their pool deck, and the pump wasn’t handling all of the water properly due to an improper design. The mass overflow of water then pushed gravel from the yard into the station, which didn’t help the situation. After receiving the call, James and one of our techs came out to help repair the issue, which would have flooded the house if it had not been taken care of immediately. They worked all throughout the night, in the rain and all, but eventually completed the repair. I tell you this not to toot our own horn, but to offer a lesson, particularly for homebuyers. In addition to having a plumber inspect the plumber of your new home INDOORS, make sure he takes a tour of the EXTERIOR as well, especially if the home includes a pool or a water feature.