Compared to standard water heaters, a tankless water heater offers numerous advantages. One of the benefits that you obtain from installing a tankless water heater is having access to hot water when needed regardless of your household’s demand. This model does not require you to store water in a tank so you can save time, money and space. Like the traditional water heater, you cannot afford to ignore problems with a tankless water heater. J Rowe Plumbing, a plumbing company in Arlington understands the impact on a damaged water heater.

As they are committed to providing high-quality service to Arlington residents, any issues with your tankless water heater will be properly dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Just like other models, J Rowe would also like to emphasize that tankless units are not error-free and perfect. They have their own disadvantages. But just because of these imperfections, it does not mean that they are less efficient in supplying hot water to Arlington households. It is by far the most reliable water heater model that meets expectations. 

The common problems you will encounter if you have a tankless water heater include mineral buildup which is a common issue for all units. While tankless units are proven to be durable, it does not mean that they are not susceptible to mineral buildup. Regular maintenance is necessary to minimize buildup. Your tankless water heater, while known for its efficiency in supplying hot water is not immune to overload problems. You will encounter this problem if there is more demand for water than your tankless heater can handle.

You should also watch out for water heaters showing error codes. It is an indicator that something is blocking your air supply or exhaust. J Rowe Plumbing technicians are the right people to call in cases like these. They are going to perform all the required steps to find out about the source of the problem.