How Can We Make You Smile?

As a business owner, you encounter thousands of customers over the years. And while we are thankful for and love all of our customers, there are always a few that we tend to remember over time. These are the ones that come up in conversation at the water cooler, in the truck on the way to a service call, or recalled fondly at the James Rowe Plumbing company picnic.

One customer that particularly sticks out in my mind is an older gentleman that first used our services years back. We sent one of our “white glove plumbing representatives” who is wonderful dealing with customers, out to his home for the service call. We always get compliments from our customers that this team member makes them feel special and wonderful. This call was no different. And while some customers prefer to let us do our work and then explain it to them afterwards, others like to chat with us the entire time we are in their home.

On this day, our engaging team member ended up conversing with the gentleman throughout the entire process of inspecting his system. And when there was nothing left to discuss about his plumbing, they talked some more! That’s how comfortable our customer felt with our employee.

Not only has this gentleman been a return customer since that day, but he often calls this valuable member of our team when, as he puts it, “he is just having a bad day.”

Working in plumbing, we typically don’t think of getting to make people’s day, outside of repairs or installations. It warms my heart that some of our customers can have a better day by just talking to our kind and friendly employees. These are the stories that really make this job rewarding. So when we answer the phone, “James Rowe Plumbing. How can we make you smile?” it’s not just a catchphrase. We’ll work really hard to make that smile happen!