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Honey, What’s That In The Toilet?

Honey, What’s That In The Toilet?

Of all the calls we receive, sewer stoppages are one of the most common problems we encounter.

While we have seen an assortment of different items stuck in toilet plumbing, the most common thing we see are toys. We always joke that parents who are potty training keep us in business, because toddlers become fascinated by toilets at that age and continue to flush all kinds of objects down the toilets just to watch them disappear with a “whoosh!”

As a way of demonstrating that plumbing systems are NOT built the same all over the world, we have also encountered homeowners who have had guests visiting from out of the country, and they flush more items down the toilets than they really should.

So if your toilet does encounter a clog, what should you do? One tip we would like to offer people is to stop using any of your home’s plumbing system when you have or suspect that you have a sewer clog. If the system is backed up, any other use could create more problems.