Flint Michigan has been receiving a lot of attention in the press lately regarding it’s public water supply. I’m not going to discuss the politics of Flint or what is happening to the water there. Enough opinions have been generated in regard to that issue. But what is more important is that Flint is receiving a lot of attention. We think it is great because it is causing people to focus on the quality of drinking water. And water quality is what plumbing is all about. As a profession, we truly do protect the health of the nation by assuring high-quality drinking water.

If you were to go back fifty years in time, nobody would have cared about Flint’s water. The water would have been acceptable according to their standards at the time. Today, it is horrible water. This is all thanks to our profession.

As an industry, plumbers raised the issue of drinking water. We raised the importance of protecting public health through acceptable drinking water. Our industry helped to create the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. When was the last time you heard of an outbreak of cholera or typhoid fever in the United States? You don’t hear about these illnesses anymore, at least not in this country. And that’s because we have high water quality standards.

Who has the best drinking water in the world? We do – the United States of America. The second-best drinking water system is Canada. If you want to experience drinking water that is not fit to drink, take a vacation to Mexico and drink the water from the tap. They don’t call it Montezuma’s revenge for nothing!

The bottom line is this: the plumbing profession is protecting the drinking water of the nation. Unlicensed plumbers or handymen don’t get the training we do for backflow protection. If you want to maintain high-quality water, you have to turn to the true licensed plumbing professional. At James Rowe Plumbing, we are doing our part to protect the health and the quality of water in this country.