Are You Ready For Some Football?


The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Bronco’s may be hungry for Victory this coming Super Bowl Sunday, but Americans are hungry for everything else! Although the Super Bowl is not an official holiday, families and friends get together to watch the big game, even those who are not normally football fans. So just for fun – if you’re wondering how much Americans eat on and around the Super Bowl game, I’ve gathered some data to chew on!

Chicken Wings 1.23 billion chicken wings
(That’s literally enough to give everyone in the U. S. population -320,207,319 million about 3 wings a piece)
Avocados 120 million pounds
(That is heavier than 387,096 offensive lineman piled on top of each other at an average weight of 310 lbs each)
Chips 14,500 tons (or 29 million pounds)
(Enough to fill 39 Boeing 747 airplanes to maximum capacity)
Popcorn 3.8 million pounds
(That amount could fill 13,751,428 large buckets of popcorn at AMC Theaters)
Pizza 4 million
(Stacked on top of each other – would be as tall as 910 Leaning Tower of Pisa’s)
Beer 325.5 million gallons
(Every second about 750,000 gallons of water flow over Niagra Falls. This amount of beer could flow for 7.2 minutes)
Nuts 2.5 million pounds
(You could make 1.8 million jars of Peanut Butter)

Have fun this Super Bowl Weekend and Enjoy the Game! And if you should have any plumbing problems – remember we are standing by!!!