A Cozy Community

Stephen King once wrote, “Who gets to be best-liked in any community? Who is the most trusted? Why, the man who does the dirty job, of course, and does it with a smile. The man who does the job you couldn’t bring yourself to do.”

I love that our community is so close-knit, for its size. Having lived in larger cities, such as Dallas, I have really come to appreciate working in Arlington, and living in Mansfield.

One aspect of our lives that we really saw this closeness and involvement was at the PTA meetings for our children. In Dallas, we would attend all of the local PTA meetings, and would often be the only people there with a handful of others. After moving to Mansfield, we still found it important to attend these PTA meetings. And I guess everyone else feels the same! It still blows my mind, that we can hardly find a parking spot if we don’t show up early enough – and I’m ok with that.

I just love that there is a real sense of community here. It’s just one of the many reasons I am so grateful to work and live here.