A Cause We Care About

One way to gauge a company’s dedication to their community is whether they serve others with the same amount of attention as they have for the financial bottom line. I like to think that we at James Rowe Plumbing strive to have a serving heart for local charities.

One cause that we support here at James Rowe Plumbing is Breast Cancer Awareness. Unfortunately, we were drawn to this particular cause after one of our techinician’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It truly broke our hearts to see them having to go through everything associated with her diagnosis, and it really hits home with how many families are affected by this on a daily basis. But our spirits were lifted when we shared the news with our community (with their permission of course) in one of our newsletters. The response and support from our clients was amazing and we heard from several women who were affected by it or who knew people who were, or are currently.

Last year, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our technicians wore pink ribbons to show their support of this worthy cause. We also donated a percentage of every service ticket to a breast cancer charity. You can bet we’ll do the same this October. It’s a cause that kits close to home and a charity near and dear to our hearts.