7 Plumbing Mistakes You Have Never Thought You Have Been Committing

Your plumbing needs TLC as it plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable. When you suspect that your plumbing system is not functioning as it should, a Mansfield plumber will perform a thorough inspection to find out if there is something wrong. There are plumbing mistakes that can affect the lifespan of your drains, valves, pipes and other components of your plumbing system. You should avoid these 7 mistakes to prevent costly plumbing problems.

    1. Not turning off the water during a plumbing emergency.

It is important that you turn off the water when plumbing emergencies emerge. Your water sources have a shut-off valve which should be switched off to prevent further damage. Once turned off, you have to call a plumber to find out the cause of the problem. Do not attempt to solve the problem yourself as you might only do more harm than good. By calling an Arlington plumber, you will be able to resolve the problem immediately.

    1. Too much use of drain cleaners.

More often than not, people consider drain cleaners as solutions to clogged drains. However, drain cleaners do not offer solutions to some drain problems. In fact, overusing drain cleaners can cause pipe corrosion. While drain cleaners break down particles to unclog your drain, using excessive amount can damage your pipes. If clogged drains have been happening frequently, you should consider calling a plumber instead.

    1. Not calling a plumber to fix plumbing issues.

You might find it cheaper to fix plumbing problems yourself but this is not a good idea. You might perceive the problem to be easy, but without proper diagnoses of the problem, a small issue can turn into an expensive repair. Unless you have previously undergone proper training, calling a professional plumber is the right thing to do.

    1. Not giving importance to a plumbing issue.

A plumbing problem be it big or small should be addressed to prevent worsening the issue. You should keep in mind that issues with your plumbing system will not be solved on their own. You need to call an expert to know the nature of the issue. When you ignore a plumbing problem, you can end up paying more for expensive repairs.

    1. Not hiring a licensed plumber.

In a bid to save money, using a handyman is often considered instead of choosing a licensed plumber to do the job. While small fixes can be handled by using a handyman, not using a licensed plumber can void your warranties. You can save money in the long run if you hire a plumber to do the job.

    1. Shutting off your water heater during winter.

When you are away from home during the winter, you should not attempt to turn off your heater. Although shutting it off can save you money, it can cause serious issues, especially with your plumbing system. Turning off your heater can cause pipes to freeze and burst. You should turn the temperature of your heater down instead of completely turning it off.

    1. Skipping maintenance.

You will never know if your plumbing is showing signs of wear unless you schedule plumbing service. It should be done regularly so the plumber can detect leaks and other plumbing issues before the problem worsens. You can save tons of money when you prevent plumbing problems through regular maintenance.